Winter 2015 Articles

Letter from the Editors
Innovations in Textiles 10
Kristian Skeie: Life After Genocide
Painting Prayers: The Calligraphic Art of Salma Arastu
Exposure 18: Nervous Laughter
The Artist and the Modern Studio
Guns in the Hands of Artists
Ilene Berman: 60 Hours
Ten Years After Katrina: Remembering Like It Was Yesterday
Laurencia Strauss: The Forgetting and the Remembering of the Air
One Photographer’s Lens on Midwest Economies
The Scoop on Slein
Perspective on Collecting
Painter Paying It Forward
Interview with Zlatko Ćosić
Art About Money
Economy As Art
What Inspires an Artist?
The Fine Art of Appraisals
Local Art and Money
On Selling Out
Hustle & Flow Like Vincent Van Gogh
This Is What Happens When You Invest in Art
Local Support for ALL THE ART

Fall 2015 Articles

Letter From the Editors
Liat Yossifor, Contemporary Art Museum / Kit Keith & Gary Passanise, Reese Gallery
Solomon Thurman, Sheldon Art Gallery / A New Use of the Self, Luminary Center for the Arts
A Glimpse Inside the Box, Beverly / Ron Laboray, The Suburban
Washington University Diversity Initiative
StL Sculpture Scavenger Hunt / A Tale of Two Sculptures
Yael Shomroni / Maura Pellettieri & Laurencia Strauss / Cole Lu
El St. Louis Artists’ Guild / Sebiljska Fontana
Art + Community in St. Louis
Women’s Work – The Lost Cause / Bring Ritziata to South Grand
Footnotes and Support for All the Art