Our Mission? Bring Art to the People and People to the Art

All the Art is a non-profit free print magazine with an online archive.

Our written content is contributed by seasoned art writers and emerging writers who work with a volunteer editorial staff to hone skills, learn about art, artists and art venues in the region and gently enter a difficult to access career field. None of the content is in any way connected to or influenced by advertisers or other supporters.

All the Art is an independent, focused record of the exhibitions and events that local gallery directors and curators organize. It is a resource for established artists, as well as up-and-coming and mid-career artists to see their work reflected in independent critical analysis. It is a place for community reflection on the art in our midst.

Often, artists report on the condition of our region in their art production. Through All the Art, artists can connect to St. Louis populations so that the hard work of interpreting the world around us has a stronger impact on our region’s development. It is a record of the exhibitions and art events that invigorate our communities residing on both sides of Delmar, on either side of the rivers and on both sides of Highway 270.

Artists are doing some of the heavy lifting of community building throughout our region. In these pages, artists, art workers and art participants all communicate with one another to help take our region to a new level of mutual understanding. Discussion of art objects -written and published or spoken in art spaces- can move minds. These visual encounters shift our mental pictures and give us new tools for interpreting the world around us. What we cannot express with words, we can sometimes articulate with our cultural productions. Cue, All the Art.

THANK YOU! to our many individual donors, supporters, volunteers and to the great granting institutions that support the work of ALL the ART:

With support from the Regional Arts Commission!
With support from the Regional Arts Commission!