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When you become a member of All the Art, we will mail a copy of each issue to your address!Your membership helps us get All the Art to ALL the people! It takes a lot of fundraising to print 10,000 copies of every issue of our region’s beautiful keepsake visual art quarterly. We distribute far and wide – to libraries, coffee shops, beauty shops, health care waiting rooms and any neighborhood hub we hear about on both sides of the rivers, both sides of Delmar and both sides of Hwy 270!

You can help us make it happen! Membership begins at $55 per household, but your good feeling only increases with the amount you give. And since we are a non-profit, volunteer-run 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to our operating fund are tax deductible!






Join in this effort to use visual art as a force for growth in the wider St. Louis area: SUPPORT ALL THE ART TODAY!